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Personal Injury

If you or someone around you has unfortunately been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or suffered any type of physical injury due to the fault of another, then you might be needing a personal injury lawyer.

Though one may argue what’s the need of a personal injury lawyer when you have signed up for an insurance policy? What they may not realize is that most of the time insurance companies hesitate to pay up to the full value of a person’s injuries and often times pressurize you to accept an offer that does not fully compensate an individual for their injuries and pain and suffering. For this reason, one should definitely hire a personal injury lawyer.

It has been estimated that there are roughly around 700,000 injury claims that are filed each year in the U.S alone. It can be difficult to handle that process alone. If you would like assistance in navigating a personal injury matter then the Harvey Law Firm can help! Call us now.

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